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August 25, 2010


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May we rise to remain the land of the free.

What!? No! This can't be! I'm melting! Melting! Meeeeeeeellllltiiiiiinnnggggg...!

Don't make me call the flying monkeys! That's what is on the coffee cup on my desk at work (a law firm that defends unions). They have no idea what that coffee cup really means! I love how tunnel visioned and clueless Dems can be!

This would be a clearer signal had Sarah not endorsed McCain who also won. So is it a conservative signal (Miller) or a RINO signal (McCain)? We'll see next year.

It would have been so much better had Sarah made a clean break from the Assistant Democratic Party. (She also endorsed apparent liberal blank slate candidate Carly Fiorina in CA.)

I agree again with Pasadena Phil...

The desire to push the hype about a liked Celebrity sometimes clouds reality, even counting on a Primary before all the votes are counted.

The Maverick backing is a signal, a vivid signal, we are seeing politics, not genuine Conservative idealism.

Also, this could turn out to be disastrous, just like the Rand Paul offering, if Miller (who sometimes appears questionable in person) turns out to be a very weak General Election candidate.

I am always happy to see Rhinos challenged. No doubt about it. But after receiving so many TODD Palin emails pushing this Alaskan Primary thing, the Celebrity only grows more skeptical in my view. The rhetoric is so thick in fashionable Conservative play, you would think this wasn't the Maverick's VP selection, the number two on the GOP's last ticket. It actually becomes insulting.

Of course, it is great fun, I know this is a huge part of the element, to see Democrats upset with the Palin Family having success.

But I guess I tend to look for more in Conservatism, especially the record or facts.

Mrs. Palin seems to have done well in her backyard, but the HYPE suggests she should have done even better, especially with all the other endorsements around the rest of the Country. But many who are pushing the fashion, never mention the losses or the negative.

Regretfully, this is an old bitter feud, showing some vengeful mannerisms, like McCain held when he voted against the Bush Tax Cuts and dreamed up that disastrous Campaign Finance fiasco after losing the 2000 Primary. I don't feel the Murkowski battle is truly attractive, as it hardly has to do with a Conservative mantra (even though Murkowski is lackluster), but it really seems personal - and thus small in context.

We shall see however. Sarah Palin should be able to be a queen or kind maker in her own State, but there are so many incumbents who are succeeding in Primaries, it is hardly a National movement.

We can only hope, the rest of the Nation empowers the Republican Candidates this Fall however, incumbents or new born politicians. One hopes the work of some will not grow more RINO turned independents, who enable the opposite. That was the huge problem with McCain, as he probably would have pulled a Liebermann, and jumped for his own sake. It is incredible to imagine a former GOP Nominee going INDY, but the is basically what the likes of Liebermann did, as a Democrat VP Candidate of one time.

We shall see, best to keep one's boots firmly planted on the ground, but what do I know?

One thing that seems to be overlooked is that Murkowski was originally appointed to the seat by her father and this no doubt has had some lingering ick factor. Alaska is a pretty solid red state, and so a credible primary challenger will go far.

Here in Massachusetts, for most elections, the democrat who wins the primary is the winner of the general. But an uncontested primary just lets the incumbent win. Murkowski is facing her general election right now.

I don't have anywhere near enough time to keep up with elections across the US. It does take time to decide whether a person who is running is worth supporting - no matter what party they belong to... with limited time available, I don't even try to keep up with most candidates when I can't vote for them and if they don't represent any part of my state.

What I like to see is a contested election. When I moved to MA, it was the first time ever that I voted in a general election where the incumbent had no opposition (our current Congressman). That is something I still find unsettling.

So while I have no idea whether Miller would be a good candidate. I like the competition. It's good for democracy.

I hope Martini Pundit is correct, that Miller will be strong. His credentials seem impressive, even though when I see him speak, I tend to wonder.

The thing is, I think the Todd Palin emails seeking funding, started to tint my perception, as I grew weary of the push.

However, I do apologize to the mighty SISU. I was in a rush the other day, and I really should have started off with my honest feelings of CONGRATULATIONS.

I was in a hurry, and offered my usual cynical analysis. The same that opposed McCain so heavily, the same that grew weary of the fashion which began to turn against GW Bush - and foolishly view him as a "traitor", etc.

I am a true skeptic of fashion, and come from the school of WFB and Milton Friedman. I do believe some of Our own Hype and Reactionary Emotive nonsense has cost us dearly.

However, I do celebrate successes of Conservatives. I am truly Happy for Palin Devotees, and admire the passion. I think more can be said for the fine TEA PARTY PROTESTS helping. Of course I think the Palins 'should' of all places, regarding the overwhelming hype, be able to influence someone in the Alaskan backyard.

However, for the mighty SISSY W, and for the Palins, I should have started off by saying "congratulations" on a big showing. Well done. Three cheers.

I hope it all translates big in NOVEMBER. It is exciting, interesting, and must be thrilling for many Palin Loyalists. It certainly makes the Democrats go nutty.

I am still a big skeptic on so much, but perhaps this will give those very misguided Duo in Maine, and even the horrid Graham, a real reevaluation for the future.

Lisa Murkowski, go away
Come on back another day
(one that doesn't end in a 'y')

Sorry about the Joe Miller-inspired poetry slam.

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