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August 29, 2010


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wow.. I've waited a LONG time to read something like that. Really inspiring and gives me hope that America is going to rise up and shake off her chains.

Words do not come easily after reading this, but a deep feeling of awe, honor and a sense that the extraordinary in ordinary people will right this country. American Exceptionalism is in the DNA of all who truly love Her. It's truly sad for those who cannot understand this fact. Inspiring piece, Sissy and Pete!

This sounds to me like exactly the person Glenn Beck was reaching out to this weekend -- a good and decent person who knows the value of faith, hope and charity, has a deep and abiding love for country, loyal and true friends, and determined resolve to restore honor to America. Sounds like Mr. Miller will be an excellent member of the U.S. Senate to faithfully and honorably represent Alaska.

Looking forward to the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say.

I have made a solemn vow on my blog that I will not contribute penny one to the RNC but will, instead, contribute to individual candidates of my choosing - Joe Miller for starters!

This is the only way we can smack them upside the head, which they richly deserve.

Murkowski reminds me more of our New England RINOs and was certainly annointed - by her father. I do hope Miller pulls it out and wins to represent the people.

What I find reprehensible is the current fashion amongst Washington pols to run as an "independent" once they've lost a Republican primary. Good God who are they kidding? At the very best they split the electorate and result in a diminished Republican. More likely, they split the vote and see a Democrat elected. What kind of ego does this require? Are they really so wedded to power? And what redress do we as the people have for these whores who sell us out?

In truth, I think that the solution here is greater voter education. If one doesn't know what's going on, one shouldn't vote. Perhaps we'll see better on '10 than we have in the past two cycles. No evidence, but I can dream.

The magnificent Sarah has pulled off another victory - Joe Miller is definitely the winner! The East Coast morons still don't "get it" and I am beginning suspect that they are incapable of understanding that their day is certainly in swift decline - even more swift than I had hoped!

That hopey-changey thing has failed utterly and the damage wrought can and will be corrected in the near term, or at least one would hope so.

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