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August 31, 2010


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Here is to more ignorant intellectuals seeing the light of freedom.

Another great post, Sissy. Sometimes I get so furious with a kid at one of the other Ivies who was initially somewhat dazzled by all that twaddle. 50K a year to have them brainwashed to despise everything we cherish and struggle to defend and advance. Of course, in my case, it's the loss of religious faith by the young that bothers me even more than their asinine liberal politics. After all, I was pretty liberal in my youth, but I saw the light eventually... It really is the same message in each school. And each of the kids indoctrinated is so convinced they are such individuals...).

It will be awesome when the third great awakening ends like the others, in a period of high-rolling hedonism and cultural florescence. I for one hope to still have the spirit to tie one on when the people lose their appetite for charlatan god-spouters and greedy hypocrites, like they did many times in the past. Great wheel of history and all.

Forgive me for being mean to Arianna, but she stinks on ice. Never has original thought dared to show itself in the feeble mindscape of Arianna Huffington. She's a simpleton masquerading as our intellectual superior. Even when she was a 'conservative', it was strictly a marriage of convenience-a subject Ms. Huffington has become quite comfortable with, by the way.

If she's made any progress on the road to sanity, it will quickly be erased. She'll ease herself back into the effete elistist bubble in no time. That's where all her friends and financial backers are after all.

The Huffington post comment section is like one hand clapping in the wind. One hand just goes through the air, not striking the other hand and therefore does not make the noise of a hand clap. You see one hand representing one point of view is most times all that is allowed in the Huffington post comment sections.

Don't believe me try posting something of knowledge that contradicts a Huffington story or article in their comment section; odds are the contradicting knowledgeable comment will not be published.

The reason is that the Huffington post believes they know what freedom of speech is all about. To them it is about their point of view, only.

So they will keep on writting their articles with one hand in the wind, never letting an opposing hand in the area.

They fear of a loud hand clapping noise where true free speech is born. A noise that clashes as various points of view sound out the truth.

Did you notice that writting is spelled wrong. Now if that were a Huf. article and I pointed it out that writting should be writing in their comment section, so much for freedom of speech.

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