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August 11, 2010


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Great piece as usual Sissy.

A person who knows what the truth is and says something differently is a liar; Harry Reid is a LIAR!

Did Senator Reid forget that Brian Sandoval is running for Governor in his home state of Nevada? Or that Susana Martinez is running for Gov next door in New Mexico?

Or the many other Hispanic candidates running all over the country? I wrote about them back in June. http://reddogreport.com/2010/06/latino-gop-candidates-on-the-rise-in-2010/

Harry Reid, YOU LIE!

What a patronizing little turd Harry Reid is. I really hope Sharron Angle shows this hacky bigot the exit in November.

How out of touch does Reid have to be in order to make that kind of asinine pronouncement? Is it that he's never met a single Hispanic Republican? Or is it because he thinks a Latin GOPer is somehow not 'legitmate'?

Either way, it's suggests something sorta nasty about the Senate Majority Leader.

Nothing too insightful but I just wanted to say I really like your blog...

common cents

Is there anyone braver these days than a Black Conservative? The Press Club clip with these people refusing to back down in the face of the condescending lamestream press -- truly an inspiration.

If we had just a handful of them here, they could tilt the Commonwealth... well, maybe not red, but purple at least.

Keep on rockin', Sissy!

Harry Reid puts his foot in his mouth so often he has athletes tongue!

And this idiotic bumbler is the most powerful Senator in this great nation? Does anyone but me see the problem with that?

Slightly off topic but

News Alert. Hell has frozen over. Bumper sticker sighted yesterday in Watertown, MA, one of the palest, deep blue communities in deep blue Massachusetts (2008 Obama, 71.7%.) Drum roll ......

Impeach Obama.

Very inspirational post and comments. It doesn't matter what race you are--all individuals are capable of thinking for themselves. This is a truth which Democrats like Harry Reid seem to deny out of fear that more and more people of minority status realize they got what it takes to make it in life on their own without government hand-outs.

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