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July 19, 2010


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It has been YEARS since Peggy Noonan has been anything other than a major disappointment to me. I used to admire her so ferociously; now I put my enjoyment on Sissy, Tuck, goomp (and the cats).

But then, I have good taste!

I do have to admire Gayle Miller's taste.

LOL - Gayle has put it very succinctly.

BTW - what world does Peggy Noonan inhabit? There is not a single child I have ever met that has perched enraptured in front of the television watching a politician speak. Not one.

While there is probably a child or two in this country who do find politics delightful fun to watch, most kids (is the word kids allowed to be used here or should I stick with chiiildruuun?) would rather sit in time out than listen to pompous windbags gas on and on about the dire state of world affairs.

If Peggy knows of more than one child who has listened to a politician long enough to pick up their speech patterns, please produce this wonder of the world. I'll be sure to keep an eye out so I don't vote for him or her in the future as no good can come of such a thing. Heh.

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