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July 04, 2010


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Congrats on teh Christie tweeting you! LOL on the title of your blog post.

Voices no longer in the wilderness.

Wow! How cool is that! I'm now following Chris Christie (being as I am non-observant I didn't realize he was tweeting - LOL).

I seldom watch any politicians speak, but I would watch Gov. Christie any time. He's so incredibly refreshing - a man who knows what he wants and exactly how to articulate this to the general public. You would think this type of ability would be 100% necessary for a politician, but we know to our sorrow that almost no one in government today has mastered the art. Of course they would have to have good sense as well and they don't have that either... Gov Christie beats all of them hands down.

I feel like moving to New Jersey just so I can vote for him. And now he has the great good sense to follow you on twitter... damn the man is beyond excellent.

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