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July 29, 2010


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Dick Dale briefly emerged from his latest bout with cancer and had something to say about this at the show I saw last Saturday. He gave up his beach life decades ago and has since lived alongside the USMC at Twentynine Palms. He dedicated the last song in what I pray is not his last show to the men and women fighting in Afghanistan. He derided what he called an insane policy of our soldiers not being able to fire back unless being fired upon with rockets. I don't recall his exact words but he said something along the lines of "These are our kids we're sacrificing-if I were there I'd want to shoot back." Then he launched into a free-style version "Amazing Grace."

Those who have total power tend to abuse those over whom they have the power. There was a day in the past when the Catholic rulers abused the non Catholics. Today it is some Muslims that have such power. Only a free society such as we have had in the past in the USA can be trusted to rule with little abuse.

Sarah Palin is magnificent and the hope of a waiting (impatiently) nation. I pray and hope that she will have the strength and tenacity to correct all the ills that the current "Boy King" is visiting upon our Republic.

I subscribed to Time for a few years after I graduated from college in 1983, but gave it up after a few years. All they did was repeat what I'd already read in the newspapers and put an even more liberal spin on it. I think my final straw was an interview with Gorby in which they did nothing but toss softballs.

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