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July 22, 2010


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Not wolves--more like a pack of rabid poodles.

I like Tom's metaphor.

The charge of racism is being used into the realm of insanity and as happens with so many overused epithets, it will become irrelevant. Then what will the race baiters do?

I well remember the reaction of a number of black legal secretaries at a law firm where I once worked because one of the firm's attorneys, a very very handsome young black man, was dating a white woman. When I told them they were behaving in a racist fashion, they were mightily offended. But it's the simple truth.

When are we going to start assessing people (not judging them) by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin? When are people of color going to stop expecting bad behavior to be overlooked because their ancestors were once horrendously oppressed! YOU are responsible for your own actions people! When you claim slavery as an EXCUSE that's all it is - an EXCUSE. It isn't a valid reason.

Hell's bells - I sound like my mother!

Wolves are intelligent creatures. Calling the "journolistas" a wolf pack is insulting to wolves everywhere.

So let's take stock shall we:

1. You have a HUGE group of people all over the place (all over the world right?).
2. And you have everything in writing.
3. And you have it in a venue where it will never ever disappear distributed to everyone. (everyone on the list could possibly have a copy of everything not to mention the listserv itself)
4. AND then you feel free to spout off all kinds embarrassing vitriolic comments about anyone who isn't part of your group-think without a single thought to how it might look if it ever hit the front page of the NYT

Like it's private? Like no one except this group of people will ever see it? Really?

That's rank stupidity in my book.

How many of them have written about people who have had embarrassing emails ending up on the front page of the news and even going viral around the world on the net? They are supposedly "journalists". They publish embarrassing things about the rest of the population all the time to bring in an audience.

And yet they still felt a listserv was a great place to spit their venom? It would've been less conspicuous and never even cause more than a ripple in the news cycle to have gotten on television in prime time and said it to a camera.

Yes, the wolves have been maligned.

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