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July 15, 2010


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Another politician starting to disappoint!

Is Scott Brown a liberal in conservative clothing? Either way he did show that he holds the People's seat. I wouldn't prefer
the woman he ran against.

Most people try to rationalize this as "still better than Coakley..."

That was last election. Brown had my solid support for the next, but his grip just loosened. A lot. I welcome conservative challengers, I will definitely look them over come the primaries.


Since Healthcare Reform passed and was signed into law ... precisely what is the upside to Brown's election again?

I can't believe how many people are starting to grouse about Brown.

He barely won even with an apocalypse scenario unfolding for Democrats. Obama was literally threatening the life of the Massachusetts electorate during an unscheduled election and he still just barely cleared the bar.

This makes him - mathematically speaking - just about the most rightward candidate that state is capable of electing. If the only votes he casts with Republicans are for Majority Leader and society-destroying mad science like Obamacare, that's a major bonus for the GOP.

They had to get health care through via reconciliation. That makes it fair game to undo via reconciliation bypassing a Senate filibuster if the Republicans get control.

Screw Brown. Limited government & fiscal responsibility are NOT his among his principles. This was obvious when he would not give any pointed thanks to the teaparty efforts to get him elected. Thus no more money, no more activism on social media, no calls come election time, nothing. Nada. Not. A. DAMN. Thing. This is not the first disappointment nor the last. Hundreds of open ended regulations are still to be written based on this crap sandwich. Republican, my ass. Thx for the vent space, Sissy!

Since Healthcare Reform passed and was signed into law ... precisely what is the upside to Brown's election again?

The fact that he isn't Martha Coakley. And I'm steaming at this vote.

Didn't he run as the Republicans' 40th vote?

He seems to be quite gullible if he thinks Dodd and Frank are telling the truth.

DEATH to Healthcare & wealthcare fascists! DEATH to them all! On with the NEW AMerican Revolution!!!

His knife wound in the torso of Conservatism won't be fatal but it will leave a scar that we will remember when we have the power and this Judas tries to plead his case.

Brown is a liberal who makes occasional conservative noises. If he's re-elected in 2012, he'll be Ted Kennedy's heir.

Good grief, you people will give the election to the Democrats again with your purist mentality and litmus tests.

Put up a primary challenger. It keeps him clear on the limits, and if he loses, then we have a better replacement for him. Act from faith, not from fear.

Tar and feathers! We've got a Gulf full of tar, maybe Frank Perdue can supply feathers.

When will these critters learn that they work for the people? Government in this country is for the people and by the people; not by/for an elite that thinks giving the finger to the voters is "speaking truth to power". What employer would accept that from an employee?

You guys from out of state don't see all the commercials here from the left and the unions attacking Scott Brown's every move. I'm not seeing any such ads from the conservatives helping defend him. He's walking a difficult tightrope here, and if he is seen as being to far to the right, a liberal democrat will be elected to that position in 2012.

I told you this during the run up to the election. I've known Scott for over 20 years - he's going to do exactly what he wants and his #1 priority is going to be taking care of Scott Brown. He's a pro-business GOPeer and he's not going to be tied down by conservative ideology. If you think otherwise you're sadly mistaken.

"Good grief, you people will give the election to the Democrats again with your purist mentality and litmus tests."


Being angry at or disappointed by a Republican who votes for another huge expansion of government control, written by Dodd and Frank, no less, is hardly exhibiting a "purist mentality."

BTW, on the radio this morning Senator Brown said about Elena Kagan, "She's not as liberal as Sotomayor." Color me underwhelmed by his conservative leanings on that one. So when he votes to approve Kagan (I'm taking bets, in case anyone's interested), would that be enough to flunk the litmus test?

I knew when I voted for him he wasn't Barry Goldwater; I just didn't think he was Susan Collins in reverse-drag.

Let's get some conservative challengers, please. And no more of this "lesser of two evils" argument. It's a prime reason we're in the sorry situation we're in today.

So,Brown displays his independence.I thought that was why he was elected.He is not any different from the 2 Republican senators from Maine.

I too supported Brown when he was less than a shadow on the national screen. He begged for my out-of-state money and help when things looked up for him. He bragged about being Number 41 for the people. And what is he now? Old reliable Number 60 for Harry Reid.

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