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July 15, 2010


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Retiring Barney to a movement candidate would be delicious and perhaps the best strategy to pulling Brown right. Does Sean yell loudly, cuz Scott is surely deaf to the American people.

I am more inclined to focus on 2010 at the moment. Let's start talking 2012 next year.

Scott Brown has already drifted off the reservation for political expediency. Absolutely run another candidate. Yeah, I've heard the arguments, vote for the lesser of two evils. Look where that has gotten us...McCain, Graham, Snowe, Collins, Specter...

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and RINO's.

I am very sorry I sent money to Scott Brown. This bill is a liberal wet dream. Hey, Scott...did you read it?

The bill was going to pass anyway. He may as well vote for it, as every sign of being a "moderate" increases his chances of re-election in a heavily liberal, Democratic state.

As long as he's voting the right way when it counts, tea partiers should play along. Grumble just enough that he keeps his "moderate" image, but don't actually try to undermine him, because all you'll get for your efforts is another Kerry/Kennedy type taking his spot.

No, the vote wasn't going to pass anyway. Dingy Harry nearly wet his pants at the last minute 'cause some "mystery senator" was backing out. Most money is on that being Scott Brown.

Voting the right way when it counts? WTH does the fed govt need to know my bank acct up to the minute and every transaction I make? This bill provides for UNION PARTICIPATION on banking boards and gives $$ to community organizers as well as ACORN. When fuel costs rise, this bill will effectively bankrupt farmers, so goodbye, food. Andy Stern's "persuasion of power" will work well on starving idiots like you.

But nah, this wasn't a biggie, so just let him off the hook.

"As long as he's voting the right way when it counts"

When might that be. Have you read the Wash Times analysis of this bill? Racial quotas, putting unions on boards, a consumer regulatory czar with unfettered powers, a bureaucracy which can order banks to write social justice loans"

Sorry. He is already channeling Ted Kennedy and Kerry seems to be his 'Washington Spiritual" advisor.

I'll even bet he doesn't drive that pickup truck in DC.

Absolutely, but not because Mr. Brown may have "drifted". I would argue that ALL incumbents should challenged...ALWAYS!

I've often even thought that while incumbents should be able to run for a return to office, they should not be allowed to campaign. They already hold the job and are in the enviable position of being able to prove, by example, that they are the best suited for the job.

Yes! No more RINOs!

I've already emailed Scott Brown and asked for my $25 campaign contribution back.

No response so far

Let's just all agree that Scott Brown has not performed as expected. It is bad enough that he is not a leader, but if he's cut out to be a follower why does he have to follow Them?

He may shape up. You never know. Meantime, we have two years to look for an opportunity to "trade up".

Brown's falling prey to the idea that HE can make a difference--by passing more legislation to regulate and rule a field of endeavor written by people who have little practical knowledge of it.

It's the hubris that comes from being one of the 100 Club of the Senate. The only cure, when it sets in, is to remind those afflicted that they are not indispensable.

And so with one vote Scott Brown goes under the bus?!

How many of those making derisive comments live in Mass?

He is the Republican Senator from Ted Kennedy's old seat. Did you expect Tom Coburn?

We need him and a few others to ensure chairmanships are chosen by the opposition to the one party Gov't we have today.

I voted for Scott Brown and gave him a donation when it appeared he had a serious chance, but I'm neither enthused nor disenchanted. I was supporting divided government, not Scott Brown.

If you wonder why this center-right nation is being governed by Obama and Pelosi, look no farther than the Dump Brown stirrings. Talk about pulling defeat from the jaws of victory...

Jeebus. Some people deserve to be represented by Martha Coakley.

I said that this vote "didn't count" because it didn't matter which way Brown voted. The Democrats would have had 60 votes once the new guy from WV was seated. He could have delayed passage by what, a week, tops?

First, let's get the hardcore tea party candidates elected in places like Nevada and Kentucky. Then we can worry about taking over New England.

YES! a Tea Party candidate should be supported and welcomed.

Vote for Change. Re-Elect NOBODY!

Dumb, dumb, dumb idea. He is the most conservative we'll ever get from Massachusetts. MASSACHUSETTS!!!

We should thank God everyday for how lucky we were to get Brown in the first place. Has everyone gone insane?

I supported Brown - sent ten bucks in fact, but wasn't under any illusion he was anything but a male version of Collins/Snow. That being said, by all means run a primary challenger from the Tea Party -I'll send that person money.

No politician, anywhere, anytime should feel secure, besides look how having a challenger (even a weak one) prompted McCain to develop a spine.

There should be no safe seat for any elected official... ever.

I live in VA and was a $100 contributor to the Brown campaign. So far he has performed to my expectations, that being RINO. I see him as a vote for adult leadership for the next Majority leader. Hopefully that will NOT be Mitch McConnell.

Also, he'll be a vote to "fix" the abomination they passed yesterday. (The government, forcing businesses to give unions a seat in the boardroom. Oh, that wasn't a payoff...)

I now believe Tea Partiers should put up constitutional conservative candidates in every single election every single year. All incumbents should have credible challengers every single time, and we need regular and frequent infusions of new blood.

There should never be a single safe seat again, and Congresscritters and all politicians should have to answer to the constituents every single day for every single vote and piece of legislation they touch in any way. We have GOT to take this country back from the miserable, ignorant, arrogant cretins we have voted into office and allowed to run roughshod over our lives and our liberty.

"Incumbent," not "challenger," should be a dirty word!

I told you this during the run up to the election. I've known Scott for over 20 years - he's going to do exactly what he wants and his #1 priority is going to be taking care of Scott Brown. He's a pro-business GOPeer and he's not going to be tied down by conservative ideology. If you think otherwise you're sadly mistaken.

The primary thing should be to find a way to make Captain Zero's political antecedents - not to mention his incompetence - the centerpiece of any campaigns.

Too little is known about this big fat boob and it's high time that someone did some serious investigation. Probably should be someone with nothing to lose because his kind fights dirty! It's the Chicago way doncha know.

I'm with Peg C.

Just keep bombarding elections with conservatives.

And if Scott Brown turns into yet another Maine Sister, run Beilat against him too.

Bielat recently said he is not one of those, when it came to being a tea party member. How can he be a tea party favorite?

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