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July 26, 2010


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What a great find Sissy!

Multi-culturalism also allowed the left to destroy any reverence for American history, the American founders, or American values. The United States was rendered the geographic equivalent of a shopping mall -- neutral territory in which every group ignores the others and pursues its own pleasures -- except of course when there are gang fights. And multi-culturalism legitimizes gangs of self-interested persons by calling them cultures.

I agree. A society has but one culture if it is to be effective. Let us strive to support the Tea Party heroes to make it the culture envisioned by the founders of our Republic.

Holy smokes! I always liked Booker T Washington but never saw that passage.

Such a tragedy his prescriptions were not adopted, and those of W.E.B. Du Bois were. Blacks are paying the price of that mistake today and likely for several generations to come too.

As for Shirley Sherrod and her husband, yes I saw those videos and it turns out they are a pair of nutcases.

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