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July 10, 2010


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Mr. Gillespie should contend with Boxer and Fiorina for the Senate seat up for grabs in California. The Hot Intellectual Beefcake Party is what California needs.
(And in the current anything goes environment, he could win).

Richard Dawkins actually said "Thank-G-d-we-finally-have-an-intelligent-president"????

I thought Dawkins was supposed to be a data-driven kind of guy. Now I've lost what remaining respect I had for him.

Well... you can't blame an atheist for getting the two big guys confused. G-d...Satan- what's the difference. If you see them both as superstitious myths who logically can have no effect in the material universe, what does it matter which one you attribute an action to?

I don't see it that way at all. God and Satan metaphors for good and evil in all of us.

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