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July 27, 2010


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Too many working as jounalists have forgotten how to do their job. When reporting news , report the facts as represented by events as they happened. When writing editorials as news you disqualify yourself as a legtimate news person.

Now I understand myself more fully. I am such an incredible loner personally and yet online, I'm a total social butterfly! Of course, it helps that I have Buddy and Rusty to keep me company at home. Buddy is into kissing these days. Loves to snuggle up, with tummy presented for scritches of the unlimited and neverending variety, and lavish hand kissing ensues! He's so adorable!

Yes, I am besotted.

I love the fact that Andi Sullivan is crying over this. Only now, in this late hour, has he figured out what everybody on our side knew 20 years ago. Yeah that Sully is a real genius. Welcome to 1990, dude.

Also, Sissy, thank you so much for the linkage. I really appreciate it. It's a great compliment and I am grateful.

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