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July 13, 2010


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The battle is joined. On the right side those who understand that freedom to exercise what were considered by the founders of this great Republic as our God given rights have resulted in the freest and most prosperous nation the world has ever seen vs. the wrong side, the leftists who believe they must reduce our freedom so that they can direct us to their unnatural and unreaslistic and poverty-dominated socialized world.

What part of "We the People" do these progressives not understand? They think that "We the People" is limited to the Harvard and Yale elites whereas we know that the state college education is in many ways equal to or even superior to the cultural elite "braces on their brains" bunch!

There are a great many more of "We the People" as originally constituted by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. In the end, we will swamp them with our loving and multitudinous numbers.

It's easy to suck people into following the tea-bagger party what with all the ranting, raving and angry demands to "take back our country." But what I never hear any of them explain is from whom are they seeking the return of the country? And why is the ranting just empty anger with no offers of solutions put forth?

As you know, I'm with you, goomp and Gayle.

matt gordon: The Republicans do have solutions. Please check out Fred Barnes's "Republicans should embrace Paul Ryan's Road Map" in today's Washington Examiner for starters.

Another instance of accepting the western definition of "in" thing with blinding stupidity. Incidentally, these are the people who devour pepperoni pizza with double cheese, but insist on diet pepsi/coke with less than 1 calorie! With enough advertising budget, you can convince people that they are outright dumb.

The basic peacefulness of the Tea Party gatherings has been willfully and stridently characterized incorrectly as being somehow racist and violent - neither of which is true.

When ONLY one news outlet is giving actual balanced coverage of what's happening in the world and when ONLY one news outlet - for example - has even carried a minimum of information about the demonstrably racist Black Panthers' behavior at polling places in 2008 - only people of reasonable intelligence need apply! Fortunately, I suspect that is a far greater sample of the population than Obama and his compadres realize!

And a note to matt gordon md - did you MEAN to be offensive with your reference to "Tea Bagger Party" or was that accidentally scurrilous?

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