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July 17, 2010


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Let freedom ring. Allow us all to pursue our best interests as we see them as long as we do not infringe on the rights of others to do the same.

Sissy is simply the best, but this last line was simply not her best.

To use this wonderfully developed offering, to eventually knock Mitt Romney? The same guy who was on the pathetic David Letterman TV show, admirably praising - defending Sarah Palin?

To blame Romney for a rumor spread by an unethical TIME Author?

Romney's days are not "numbered". Nor should we foolishly turn him into the 'enemy' and not consider him for a potential Presidential Run. He is a HERO of the Free Market, having turned around numerous disasters, being one of the most experienced - proven CEO's in the USA. He definitely hurt himself with the MASS Health CARE folly, but Mrs. Palin has hurt herself just as much, by abandoning the responsibility of being a Governor. (Yes, this is indeed evidence of not being "serious").

This expressed HATRED for Romney is the same 'cult of personality' devotion which create such wild - overt sophistry, such as "Sarah Palin ALONE debased Obamacare". Or the idea Mrs. Palin's FaceBook Posts are somehow 'feared' by the Obama Team. It is as if the Celebrity Fan-Fare is unaware of the unrealistic offering, lowering it's own credibility with such nonsense.

The support and devotion is admirable, but reason has become lost. And it further and further drives a number of the rest of us, far away from the Celebrity and HOOPLA in question.

I have witnessed, read, heard, etc., the worst - UGLY expression provided by many Palin Supporters for a vast number of other Republicans and Conservatives. If anyone dares offer even the smallest, polite question of the "Hockey Mom", they become labeled an 'Andrew Sullivan' or a 'Daily Kos' reader. The worst vitriol provided by a number of Palin Devotees, has been directed towards Mr. Romney for Months now. The name "Mittens" is often accompanied by the most ugly hostility and dehumanizing expression, all in the name of aiding Sarah Palin. And these same Voices, including the Conservatives 4 Palin Blog, are now outraged by rumors reported by Halperin? When did these Conservatives become so hypocritical?

Mrs. Palin is largely a Celebrity now, her fame is mostly based on image and identity, and Romney does not fit the accepted stereotypical "IDEAL" - thus he is treated poorly by the Fashion. Sarah Palin often gets a pass for contradictory and questionable "imperfections" (which all politicians have), but are only expressed about those who are not fashionable (like Romney). It is clear, Mr. Romney is deemed a threat to Mrs. Palin now, (even after his admirable support for the failed Maverick Ticket in 2008: the McCain-Palin Campaign), and thus another reason for the quick acceptance of Mr. Romney being responsible for these tired charges via Halperin. The intense hype, the emotive - reactionary embrace, is similar to the counter productive mindset which helped undermine Our best interests after 2004, leaving Our Nation in terrible hands after the Elections in 2006 and 2008. It is the same rush to jump on the quick bait yet again, and we all lose in the end.

Have Conservatives become so easily played?

Will they easily digest every effort to divide us?

Do some on Our own side, still think of the negligent Clintons as being centrists?

Remember, the FASHION has been utterly wrong on so many issues. The Moderate FRED THOMPSON was a primary example, who ended up enabling the Maverick.

Chris Christie is another major example for today.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin endorsed a Primary challenger to Sen. Lisa Murkowski. You could not have a greater example of petty politics, especially after seeing some of the admirable efforts Mrs. Murkowski has provided recently in the Senate. It is another concerning moment, which indicates the HYPE is far from the human reality.

Time for cooler reasoned heads to prevail.

We have so much to do this NOV and 2012.

Sissy, you are right on, and Brooklyn doesn't get what this entire post is about. I lived through Perot and I understand the fears out there that we must keep the Good Ol' Boys and status quo in place if we want a chance.

That would be fine if we were talking about politics as usual. We have moved beyond that at light speed. Anyone who thinks that the measured words, sagacious posturing, and back room deals are gonna save us is sadly out of touch with the alternate universe that is slamming into our own: Obama comes from a completely different world beyond the ken of most Americans, but understood keenly by those of his entourage.

What part of "audacity" did we not understand? You don't challenge audacity with a platform. You put it down with something equally as audacious. "Grizzly moms" are more serious than anything you've ever encountered.

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