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July 08, 2010


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Hey, thank you very much Sissy. I appreciate the hat tip. You're awesome.

I listen to that video of "King" Samir and I read the transcript but I think what he says is "you're going to have to kill some of THEY babies" not "their".

lank: LOL. Didn't mean to put words in his mouth. He's got enough nasty stuff in there already.

by "sounding reasonable", Cedra is more insidious than shizzle shazzat whatszisname. Much as Newt Gingrich, Ronnie 666 Reagan, et al sounded "more reasonable" than Fred Phelps, Ann Coulter, or David Duke.

the "I'm not a dead white man" shtick is subterfuge, because her ethnicity truly is irrelevant. Most teabaggers are "white" "house ni**as". all conservative neofeudalism is telling. try seeing through the redwhitenblue glamour.

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