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June 12, 2010


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As I recall the original Tea Party personnel had many unsuccessful battles and dismal waits such as Valley Forge before the sun shone on free America. Today's members must keep the war going and their spirit strong.

That's a shrike, commonly known as a "butcher bird" because it saves its prey (insects, lizards, frogs, small mammals, and other small birds) up for later, hanging them on thorns or barbed wire spikes. It's the shrew of the bird world, a serious predator--and I wish it had picked different prey rather than that young horned toad, which is an endangered species.

And the MSM and most of the dedicated left-of-center, big-government Democrats are delusional re the Tea Party (an alliance of Independents, Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans who are fed up with the entrenched political elite) and what is going on out here in "flyover" country. Come November, the political elite, especially those big-government types, will find out that they are, politically speaking, an endangered species.

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