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June 10, 2010


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brooklyn is absolutely correct. Scott Brown would have an easier job if he'd just consult with Tuck and Sissy (as well as goomp who is in himself a pure treasure)!

Sissy, I agree with "brooklyn." If Brown read your blog every day, he'd be one of your state's best senators ever! [g]

Thank goodness he's going to vote with Murkowski. I nearly keeled over when I read he was voting with Snowe and Collins. BTW...what is their explanation of that vote, I wonder, and how can this EPA power-grab be good for Maine?

Anyway, Sissy, thanks for all your good work for us!

If I own a restaurant, I need to pay to have my waste disposed of properly; I can't just toss it out my back door, because other people are affected. If I own a nuclear power plant, I need to pay to dispose of my waste properly, I can't just leave it in a pit, because other people are affected. But if I own a coal-fired power plant, then I can just toss my waste up a smokestack, no matter how many other people are affected.

The absence of a cap-and-trade system as we have now amounts to a subsidy for all fossil-fueled power sources. They don't have to pay for proper waste disposal, they CAN just throw their waste into the wind.

Would a cap-and-trade system raise drive up costs? Maybe. But making restaurant and grocery store owners dispose of their waste drives up the cost of a meal. Has anyone suggested that they be relieved of that cost?

The fear of "driving up costs" are over-blown, but worst, they are short-sighted. The long-term costs of the global climate crisis will be far greater than any short-term cost of removing the subsidy that fossil-fuel users currently have.

Thank you Frank Trobaugh for your analogy of June 10.

We need to recognize the true cost of fossil fuel in terms of health and environmental impacts. The health care cost of asthma related illnesses alone is significant as is acid rain on aquatic ecosystems, and deforestation due to the northerly expanding range of defoliating insects.

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