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June 28, 2010


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I'm from MA and the lefties are hitting Senator Brown pretty hard for "siding with Big Oil" and other such nonsense in millions of dollars worth of commercials. The ironic thing is that they use the term "we" when they say "we sent you to Washington." The people responsible for these commercials certainly weren't part of the "we" that sent him to the Senate. My only hope is that he's starting to see what the Democrats are doing... everything they do means higher taxes and lost liberties. They showed how much they cared about the "people" when they stuffed Healthcare down our throats, and in Massachusetts where we already have it we got the double whammy from our "representatives" and nobody has called them out on it. The only guy to actually represent the people and not the government political party (Democrats) was Brown.

Comprehensive Financial Reform:

Neither comprehensive nor financially sound, nor reform. Perfect!

Get fully awake, America. Vote the rascals out.

Dodd and Frank are two of the chief architects of the financial crisis. Vote against this POS or consider yourself in league with these two losers, Mr. Brown.

It's good to see the holder of the People's Seat staying firm on this. My sense is that Mass. voters who supported Senator Brown will always have to keep an eye on him.

Then again, that's the way it should be. Nobody should take their congress-critter's votes for granted.

I was one of Scott's out of state financial supporters. I voiced my displeasure after he voted for the POS version that was passed in the senate. I don't expect him to vote like my red state senators do, but this is one piece of legislation to take a stand on. Good to know that collectively we may have had an effect on him.

nothing in the world is impossible if you set your mind to do it.

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