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June 12, 2010


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LOL!! Oh, that is a wonderful picture!

Just right for a Caturday.

Thanks for the smile.


Well, my dear, it seems that animals with their tongues sticking out is quite popular!

Joan of Argghh! A trending topic? ;p~

Heh, maybe even the animals are trying out their political expression toward our present government: raspberries!

Then there is my dear little Rusty - so fluffy and dainty looking, so shy and quiet (he only chirps - never meows) - and he'll sit for hours on the bench under my bedroom window - intently studying the antics of the bunnies in my back yard! He's quite a little predator, my pretty Rusty! Buddy could care less. He's just there to play and be cuddled and have me marvel at his hilarious little crooked tail. 2-year old cats are a totally hilarious joy!

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