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June 01, 2010


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The most dangerous people are the ones who know they are intelligent but are unaware of their ignorance in matters like how human nature has worked since the beginning of time. Man cannot change nature.

The MSM — do they still have that? — having chowed down the Palestinian bowl of dog food in a single gulp, has nothing to offer but mischief and obfuscation.

I have never, but never seen the MSM described better.

Remember when the KOOKY Democrat Partisan extremes went over to play 'human shields' for the brutal monster named Saddam?

Democrat Left Wing Insanity is sinking us all, enabling the very worst.

And now that Party controls Washington with Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Clinton (did you notice how disastrous the Secretary of State is, with this embarrassing "smart power"?)

The old DNC Swindle is based on fashion and nonsense. Guaranteed to make matters far worse, as we see the Carter - Clinton Denial and Malfeasance grow to another Sequel, the Obama Disaster.

Change is a joke of mega proportions.

Why do those who follow the historic Jewish Faith, vote for this DNC garbage? Can't they see the enormous Anti-Semitic embrace of the Democrat Fashion Followers?

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