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June 26, 2010


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Great post, Sissy. Isn't it funny how hard progressives work to sell hundred-year-old Marxist concepts, even though they fail over and over again. In the end there's only one way to make the sale: Demonize anybody who opposes them, most particularly anybody who is successful and popular, like Sarah.

The media campaign to smear anyone who might threaten lefty objectives has been going on for decades. It's just a lot more obvious nowadays.

I'm pretty sure, unless someone else has actual footage with the voices, we will never know who said it. I'm guessing they thought the camera and mike were off when the camera guy stepped out of the room. LOL.

Note to self - watch what you say when out in public ;-)

As for the comments themselves - is anyone at all surprised by them? If so where have you been since Sarah Palin was announced as the VP candidate??? It's the continuing "smear Sarah - whenever, wherever, and however you can... doesn't have to be true". *sigh*

She's become sort of synonymous with dumb on a popcultural level I think. It's not people's fault if they're inclined to be unimpressed with her... it's up to Sarah to win respect for her intelligence. She should at least try.

I've listened to her vapid babblings on Fox when people have linked and I imagine these guys have had to listen to a lot more of it than me.

What woogle did was to try and shape the news for Team Dirty Socialist... he might would have pressed a meme that Sarah was dumb whether he thought so or not if that's what Journolist decided. This is because woogle is a tool.

These guys were just being honest I think.

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