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June 02, 2010


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The hope is that the impotent chatterer's will become aware of reality.

You nailed it perfectly, Sissy, with the Gramscian reference. It's all about the oppressor/oppressed relationship and identity politics: it's impossible be a racist if you're black (they say), because by definition you're a member of the oppressed class. Likewise, by the lights of Marxist theorists like Jessica Valenti, Palin simply cannot be a feminist because she doesn't belong to the correct group in the correct relationship.

The Gramscian Marxist connection can't be stressed enough--it seems to me to underlie vast stretches of liberal arts academia, and thus it leaches slowly but constantly into our everyday consciousness.

I've quoted you in an update. Really, really good stuff!

No, we remember a more muscular Christianity

See: http://pix.motivatedphotos.com/2009/7/8/633826717793165705-JIHAD.jpg

There is no reason for Sarah Palin to want any association with those who call themselves "feminists". It's quite apparent that she does not hate men and does not consider herself to be a victim. Both of these tenets are vital to being a feminist today.

Of course this makes her all the more loathsome to those who want to wring angst from women of the modern world. A brilliant, capable woman able to take on anyone (be it man or woman) with grace and articulate defense of her positions... she is poison to the victim mentality.

Today's feminist seeks to keep women subservient by constantly telling them they "can't succeed ever" because there is always a man in the way of their advancement, always a "glass ceiling".

Considering how many women have broken through that "ceiling", you'd think it would just fall down about now and stop being an issue. Guess it serves their purpose too beautifully to let it go. Heh.

The bottom line for me a Conservative woman, liberal men are weak but Conservative men would DIE for their Country. So if Islam EVER thinks it is going to overtake America either internally or externally they have 42% of ALL Americans who self identify as Conservative to go through and of the 65M weapons registered in the United States of America I would bet that the MAJORITY are owned and operated by Conservatives...heh!

... Conservative men would DIE for their Country ...

More to the point - we will kill for her.

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