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May 08, 2010


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In one of the bluest of the Blue States the people took back the Teddy Seat and with the election of Senator Scott Brown made it the people's seat. Many of the current "big government knows best" believers think this was a fluke and that the people as a whole are still malleable in the hands of those who preach "elect us we know what is better for you than a free economy." I hope they learn to their dismay that the people know best.

I'm giggling over the "Mad at Thad".

Thad McCotter has became...

I look to those avante-garde souls who leave behind all the annoying little rules of grammar. They will lead us into the light. We may not know what the hell they're talking about, but we'll know they're smart because they don't bother communicating with proper English.

I don't have time to watch CSPAN everyday to see how they all vote. But ACU does that for us, and ACU compiles each and every voting memeber of Congress' record into a score. They don't distinguish between fiscal conservatives and social conservatives, so the score does have some limitations, but it's still a very useful tool. Kinda like knowing that when someone is an "A" student, you can be sure they're much smarter than average. So whe higher the ACU score, the more conservative the person is.

McCotter has a lifetime (over 7 years) ACU score of 84.4. For perspective, Michelle Bachman has a lifetime (3 years) score of a perfect 100.0 and Mike Pence has a lifetime (9 years) score of 99.56.


McCotter is a fantastic orator. I've seen a couple of short clips of him on the floor that have literally brought tears to my eyes. And as you point out, he has a wicked sense of humor.

BTW, I am 100% behind you with DeVore, but he probably won't win.

Thank You for posting this!

I really like your blog!!

Common Cents
ps. Link Exchange?????

I dig McCotter's ideas, natch.

Tyrrell has always been great.

Nice post, Sissy.

We're lucky in my district - we have the dependable and altogether acceptable Rob Wittman. Virginia is also lucky enough to have Eric Cantor. Two fine gentlemen who will be returned to their seats!

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