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May 26, 2010


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Ughhh, these few Republicans really have to wake up. Yes, the "unless they fail" will involve Taxpayer funds, and no, we need not bailout Unions.

Banks who give loans, which drive the US Economy, are understandably something taxpayers would want to make sound. The toxic assets, largely created by the Democrats undermining the Mortgage Industry, needed to be dealt with to prevent a massive collapse. The Bush Administration was correct in trying to reform the mess, some 17 times in one year alone. GW Bush was probably correct in listening to the economic giants at the time, to provide the original TARP.

Too bad Democrats exploited the financial crisis. Too bad Americans empowered Nancy, Harry, Hillary, Barack, etc., beginning in 2006.

It is clear Democrats are so lost, irresponsible, misguided, corrupt, inexperienced with reality, dedicated to failed tax and spend collectivism, they simply cannot be trusted with ever having this kind of influence - power again.

As long as the mighty SISU is kicking, we have a chance to empower sanity again.

Then foolish Republicans won't be led astray by this nutty folly.

Unions Pensions are unreasonable in nearly every case I study. They are pure political bribery for votes - power - often with the design to redirect Taxpayer funds back to the Democratic Party.

Time to end this mess.

It is sinking us all.

I see dictatorship looming as the government becomes the chief employer and the economy crumbles. Throwing out the incompetents who now rule us is the last hope.

unions intend to spend 100 million to support democrats in the upcoming elections. and not one union rank and file member will have a word to say about it. do you think the bailout money is a payback for this support? the unions should use that 100 million to shore up their pensions instead of using it for political purposes. speaking as a retired public union member living on one of those pensions everyone is upset about, the problem with unions is the leaders of the unions are all democratic party politicans. they run the unions for the benefit of the party not like in the past when union leaders tried to use the democratic party for the benefit of the union.

All - don't assume. You NEED TO READ THE BILL!!!! This bill doesn't have anything to do with the bailout. It has to do with time. The bill gives pensions more time to recover so we DON'T HAVE to give them a bailout. It's a good bill.

The Union BAILOUT was already passed into law - which the R's voted against. McCotter, I'm sure, said "unless they fail" because he knows as well as I that the BAILOUT bill already passed. Don't blame the R's - they're trying to make the best out of a shit-sandwich. Hell, NAM even supports the bill (John Engler??) http://bit.ly/bXORxT

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