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May 01, 2010


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Let's see if I can remember this one...

Of course boys and men would immediately rally around a policy that lets them do whatever they want and behave as reprehensibly and horribly as they want when all they have to do is blame it on a woman. The woman has no recourse and just an accusation can get her maimed or killed. I would be surprised if they hadn't jumped into a set up like that with full fervor.

This is really stupid. A lot of people need to be spanked.

My mother wore a silly navy-blue hat with a silly navy-blue veil to church because she thought it was a mark of respect to God and to other people. She could have gone without it. Some people did. she felt better with it. And, so?

Back then that was her right and she dould do it without anybody feeling he had a right to comment upon her choice. That was pretty good, don't you think?

Good ol' Mom wasn't really the barefoot and pregnant type. During WWII she worked for Army intel and there is a picture of her standing on the tarmac, in her army overcoat (with a hat - no veil), talking to Andrei Gromyko, who ended up the foreign minister of the U.S.S.R., with a couple of B-17's in the background.

I don't think she was the kind of veil-wearing woman the current veil enthusiasts have in mind.

She would have thought our multi-cultural cowardice, wherein we countenance letting women be hauled off the street and stoned to death or acid thrown in their faces because their head-gear isn't up to snuff shameful.

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