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May 23, 2010


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The surprise is not that he RECEIVED the most money. After all, it is nothing new for any Democrat to be the beneficiary of largess on the part of "big anything".
The surprise will be if he RECEIVES the most money over the next two and one-half years to come.

We certainly need a strong voice such as Sarah's to lead us from the wilderness into which Obama and the liberals are leading us.

How is it possible that Sarah Palin can look even more gorgeous today than she did in 2008? If she can dial down the stridency in her voice just a bit for me while giving not an inch in her strong criticisms of the President and the Democrats in Congress, I think I will be in love.

I love Sarah's turquoise necklace too even though I'm not tall enough to carry off a piece that dramatic. But I have bought several pieces of beautiful Native American jewelry over the years and am delighted to support Arizona businesses in any way I can. I know Hillbuzz and several other right-of-center blogs are supporting a "buycott" of made-in-Arizona products. Anyway, good for Sarah!

But she's wrong! Her own campaign received 2 MILLION from oil; Obama took in $300,000. You people are as nuts as silly Sarah.

sally, would you care to back that up with a link to any evidence?

$arah Palin/Tonya Harding 2012!

You know, I just thought of something.... Sarah Pain is probably the only national political figure who could call out politicans for being in bed with the major oil companies. She fought them in Alaska and won.... and not in office, so not accepting any political contributions from any of them... unlike almost all politicians in Washington, on either side of the house. Amazing... think about it... who else could come out and say Obama was too cozy with BP and oil companies? only her... other politicians would be hypocrites if they did it... this is just the fall out of all the corruption and bribery and payola in Washington and State politics that Sarah should be able to navigate around easily.

Sally cannot back that up with any evidence because there is NO evidence of something that never happened!

Left winger people are very quick to throw around diatribes and charges but very loathe to back them up with nonexistent facts. It's kind of like Blumental's claims to Vietnam service: In the cold harsh light of day, the lack of veracity shines through.

Bottom line, while I do not subscribe to Glenn Beck's tortured hand-wringing about our nation's future, I do think that thanks to Obama and his pals, we are in serious danger as a nation. We need to restore balance. Our president has signed a treaty that subjugates our laws to international laws; fortunately, the Senate and the House must ratify it (did he even know that?) in order for it to go into effect. Ergo, the largest number of incumbents must go in November to prevent the Dems and spineless RINOs from giving away the farm!

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