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May 21, 2010


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This is why the improbable Buddy and the irresistible Rusty are confined to the house. They can experience nature from behind the living room picture window! Or on the screened in porch!

Buddy is now adept at opening the dishwasher (and scaring the bejabbers out of me) and Rusty is perfecting his skills at opening sliding closet doors. When I'm home, their only interest is in plopping themselves in my lap.

This relationship could work!

Cats at the top of the blog - most excellent and certainly more palatable than Rachel Maddow.

If the dashing Earl is an intact male, you might want to think about consulting a local cat shelter for advice and possibly help in getting him trapped and neutered. The shelter I work with in New Haven has volunteers who go out on request to help trap feral cats for spaying/neutering. The point is not to tame Earl in order to turn him into someone's house pet but to keep him around a bit longer as Tiny's handsome beau. Intact males are at high risk of contracting FIV (feline AIDS) because the virus that causes the disease is transmitted through the bites of infected cats-- most commonly in territorial battles between unneutered males. If Earl is showing up with combat badges, so to speak, he could be getting into fights with some wrong 'uns. Those of us who enjoy following the ongoing romance between Tiny and her bold cavalier would like to see them have many happy years and grow old together.

Hey. I ran across your blog today and enjoy it. One thing that is blowing my mind is that your grey cat looks exactly like my cat Rudy! They could be the twins.

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