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May 12, 2010


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Ha! Proud to be in the company of the group above. Thanks!

And I found a few new follows, too!

If our criminal class of politicians will allow it to continue, I believe that the internet can re-establish a free country .

The whole thing is a blast...it even has its 'greeting convention': "Coffee Hello!" with its variants...

Folks post at different rates...some with links, some with bon mots...I change my avatar with the holidays...

A non-stop verbal poker game where hands are dealt and people put up table stakes and have at!

How nice is this? I hit the link and the first thing I see is a large version of Darcysports' lovely avatar. Yow!

Twitter is having a conversation with a room full of interesting friends, none of whom are actually in your room, and the door is open whenever you want it to be. Some of the most interesting and engaging people I have met have been met on Twitter. I like my tribe!

Twitter also puts me at least two news cycles ahead of the regular news outlets. It has replaced the MSM, at least for me, in terms of speed, accuracy and content.

Gotta represent!

Go Sissy, Darcy, Kngfish, Haz!

Go tribe!

Gorgeous as Dar is, it's really the expression on her face that makes that picture perfect for this story.

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