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May 14, 2010


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Well, since they can stay on Mom and Dad's health insurance until they're 26, why not track their BMI until that age, too?

What's that you say? They might not like that much intrusion? But it's for their own good, dontcha know!

My late mother had an iron-clad rule: "My age and my weight are my own business!" and she never wavered from that. She adamantly refused to get on the doctor's scale (he was somewhat portly himself and her stance was always "after you") and lied about her height! In fact on the last time she was admitted to the hospital, she told the intern taking her information that she was 5'3-1/2" tall (that's how tall she WANTED to be) and he dutifully wrote it down - ignoring the fact that she was at most 5'1". As a consequence on her death certificate, my late mother is 5'3-1/2" tall! I may be the only daughter who ever laughed uproariously when receiving the death certificate of a beloved mother!

Step one:
Revise the ideal weight downward - (check) done a couple of years ago many thousands of people were suddenly declared obese.

Step two:
Gather up everyone's height and weight. (almost a checkmark in this column) they're working on it now.

Step three:
Once all is collected, look at the overall picture and revise the weight to height downward again.

Step four:
Call it a crisis and insist the government must regulate food for your own good. (almost a check here) a bit out of order Michelle Obama has jumped the gun and is already trying to regulate the diets of all children... for their own good.

Step five:
A starving populace doesn't have the strength to fight those in power... not even on an intellectual level. People trying to find food to eat are only interested in that - everything else takes a back seat.

Step six:
America no longer exists as a free country. All for our own good of course.

It's like promoting discussions with our enemies while cutting our long time friends as a way to promote harmony:

Engaging with Anorexia.

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