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April 23, 2010


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Yes, dear.... Preferably a large caliber model.

The site works fine for me. What you are seeing appears to be some kind of proxy blocker, or a corporate filter, or an application on your computer, like Norton's or something else locally.

You would not see such a message if his site was indeed hacked.

My best advice is to uninstall Norton's and don't use any proxy servers that your ISP may offer.

Bon voyage to freedom as only the USA has known it if the citizens are no longer allowed to defend themselves against those who have illegal means of attacking and stealing our goods. And goodbye to freedom from dictatorship.

ED-209: I don't have Norton's or anything like that. Am on a mac.

I got a message like this when going to Fausta's blog (http://faustasblog.com/). I emailed her about it and it went away in a couple of days. She probably knows what to do.

Get a gun. Get really comfortable with it by taking lessons and going to the range often. Most of all, be very sure in your own mind that you have a right to defend yourself and other innocent people.

I've been a "gun nut" since I was a child. More than once I have been very, very grateful to have a gun at my side. Liberals think you're safer living where guns are outlawed. Smart people know you are safer where the good citizens all have guns and the outlaws know what attempted crime will cost them!

Arming yourself is always a good idea. Get a gun. Or two; shotgun for home protection and handgun for carry.

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