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April 24, 2010


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Sissy, that Atlantic piece was amazingly devoid of content. After putting aside the informal fallacies (category error/false dichotomy, straw man, "no true Scotsman," appeal to authority or public opinion...), unsupported assertions, and semantic loading, I was left with the links leading to the original argument, and was then able to figure out what was going on.

At its root, the topic was Levin's book, and whether it was well-argued. From what I have seen, it is not, and Manzi nailed it. Levin may or may not be right, but he has not proven his case. Amazingly enough, Armbinder does exactly what Levin did: present his judgments without providing a basis for them.

Shorter Levin: I don't like Obama.

Shorter Manzi: I don't either, but so what? You haven't said anything that would change anyone's mind. Who do you think you are, Al Franken?

Shorter Armbinder: I don't like Levin.

Shorter Mitch: [sigh] I can't believe Armbinder and Levin get paid for this.

Mitch, sorry to say it, but if you're referring to Manzi's post on the Corner as "nailing it," you've got the wrong ending:

Shorter Manzi: Levin doesn't have a Ph.D! He's an idiot!! Really! No, really! Seriously! And he doesn't have a Ph.D! I'm smart, by the way. Oh, and I love scientific consensus.

Shorter Mitch: [sigh] I can't believe actually think that that had any substance but apparently I do.

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