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April 07, 2010


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Good for Sarah! The RNC is a nightmare of a mess and the Republican party seems to want to shrug it off as usual. After all... why DO something when you can just ignore it and hope it goes away.

“Everyone is concerned, but I think everyone has resigned themselves to the fact he’s not going anywhere,” said a senior GOP Hill aide. “And more carping doesn’t really do anyone any good.”

Honestly, when I look at that story and the absolute spineless responses to it from the people who could stand up and insist the RNC clean up its act - I can see the GOP just doesn't want to lead the country. Period. They want to moan and complain when the other guys are in power. That's so much easier than taking a stand and leading the country.

The RNC has been spineless for a long while. I had high hopes for Steele but sadly - he's been ineffective and wimpy! We really do need to stop being anxious to have Dems LIKE us - let's kick butt and name names. They still won't like us but they WILL respect us! That's the best we can hope for.

I have a friend who swears that both parties are the same thing, same old, same old. And of course, he has this conspiracy theory about people in the shadows pulling the strings in both parties, selecting young people practically at birth for future higher office. I think that's nonsense, but in point of fact, it seems like Republicans have been wussy for many many years.

They want to moan and complain when the other guys are in power. That's so much easier than taking a stand and leading the country.

I have to offer a different view. The RNC is far from perfect, of course. This is why Conservatives believe in limited government, knowing how fallible human beings truly are, and how we must never give too much power to the few over the many.

I have to disagree with Teresa for example. The GOP clearly wants to lead, has proven itself time and again. A tiny fundraiser folly does not distract from so many great efforts over the past year. Boehner, Bachmann, Ryan, Alexander, Blackburn, Inhofe, etc., have showed us all in an admirable manner since 2008 their strong opposition to the Democratic Party folly. In fact, the GOP led so admirably after 9-11, especially with the fine leadership provided by the Bush Administration - which led to the liberation of millions and a worthy defense of the USA and the Free World.

What we are seeing is an emotive response, so obsessed with the negative, it overwhelms all objectivity to the entire whole. Suddenly, like the Foley embarrassment, folks are so emotional, they forget about the entire context in the equation.

Sorry, as much as I like Mrs. Palin, the endorsement of Rand Paul, the playing to 'fashion', is not a sign of a great leader. Mrs. Palin was the VP selection of the RNC - GOP last time around.

Ann Coulter offered more sound leadership on the Steele issue.

"I think so, I think he's being attacked because he's very effective," Coulter replied.

See it here:

Coulter Defends Steele, DNC ‘In No Position’ to Complain...With Dems' Past Playboy Parties and All

Democrats are looking for anything to tear their opposition down, and no doubt the RNC should be far better than this, but the fashion is so overt, it has lost a healthy perspective of reality and understandable imperfection.

Some Conservative sideline pundits immediately-wrongly believed Mr. Steele was attending a strip club. They did so because of the growing anti-GOP bias that has grown since 2004, which actually hurt our best interests in Washington and helped empower the Democratic Party. They are stuck on the 'bash the GOP' mantra. Ironically they do so safely from the sidelines.

You see, no one is going to be perfect, no one. No one will ever be perfect. Mrs. Palin even has her own flaws, but she is wonderful as a whole.

If a dreamy third Tea Party evolved, we would see the same failures and mistakes from this Party, just as we did during that last Tea Party Convention.

The GOP is the best tool to empower a challenge in fighting the Democratic Party. Mr. Istapundit is wonderful indeed. I have been a huge fan for years, but know full well his negative GOP bias, trying to be above the Partisan fray for years. There is much to criticize. However, the 'libertarian' fashion is far from Conservatism - and has many grave flaws. Nor do I find the 'above it all' judgment from the sidelines really healthy, fair, productive.

The problem is the Democratic Party. This is the priority, and to lose sight of a priority is a recipe for failure. The Democrats dominate much of the Media, in Print, TV, Film, Music, etc., and their influence is making a mess of things. To win in anything, to succeed in battle, business, sport, etc., you need a sound TEAM (which will always be far from perfect) with great resolve, discipline, focus, strength.

Elevating the mistakes of a RNC operative who foolishly tried to use a 'Bondage' themed club, as a fundraiser attraction, to the same level of Offense as the attempt to Nationalize US Health Care with overt fraud, or the debasing of US National Security, etc., is simply misguided.

Passions are intense, but I have watched the "Polipundit" self destruction before.

Many debased GW Bush and his fine Administration after 2004, just as they turned on the Reagan Administration during the Second Term. Many of those loud voices were frauds, including some Democrats pretending to be 'conservative' and some vocal 'libertarians' who have been against all for many years.

I guess the 'punishment must fit the crime'. Am I thrilled with the RNC, of course not. Do they deserve to be demonized? Of course not.

We have to win in 2010, and right now I still see many ready to self destruct.

Just a humble opinion, wishing for the best.

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