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April 02, 2010


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Let us hope Sarah Palin can be a catalyst to help unify the voters to elect candidates dedicated to the freedom ideals of the Country's Tea Party spirit.

I think you missed out, Sissy. She was wobbly on the the very first clip but she got more comfortable, and the bit about the special-needs child and his dog was especially poignant. I'd recommend checking the whole thing out on YouTube. It felt very much like a 20/20 show, not terribly intellectually stimulating but very touching.

I watched the whole show and was very touched. Sarah is very beautiful and glowed on camera which must be very scary to the Washington Post critics.

In addition, as the professional she is, Sarah focused on her guests, letting them have the attention that they deserved.

She was encouraging and patient with the young children on the show. My husband and I were brought to tears by the little boy with cerebral palsy when he spoke of his dog.

Sarah did a great job.

You should really watch Oliver North's War Stories. They should be archived for history, they are that good.

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