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April 14, 2010


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The press's attitude toward the tea parties is a two-fold blessing. First, it allows the other side to dismiss us as a small crowd of ignorant bigots, which leaves them ignorant of what's coming for them. Simultaneously, it incontrovertibly reveals the press for what they are. Many of us have seen hints of their bias, but never has it been demonstrated in such a stark fashion. Having never been part of the news before, few of us have had a direct opportunity to witness the contrast between their reports and our own personal experience.

Thankfully, we now know we're not alone. We know how to find each other. We see clearly where the roadblocks are and have the means to bypass them. Most importantly, we now clearly understand that we have work to do. And if there's one thing we do well, it's get the job done.

The ignorance of history and of what has made the US the most dynamic and prospereous nation is rampant among many of those reporting for the madia.

Scott Brown is still cool. I gotta admit I was disappointed, but whatever. If Sissy is still on board Brown's pick-up, I'll take that.

I was right next to Sarah Palin for the event (stage right) and took some great photos. Here they are:



Great post. Good reporting.

Wonderful post game coverage Sissy! Love your pics (especially the one with Tuck). Sounds like an excellent time was had by all.

Barney Frank is a well known member of the Democratic Socialista of America..This is documented and should be headlined at every event!

These people, plus their leader, Obama, are what's wrong with America and they are destroying it!

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