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April 12, 2010


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I understand quite completely. I wouldn't want to share a podium with Sarah Palin for any number of reasons.

Integrity is mighty hard to find in a politician.

Scott Brown shouldn't be beholden to ANYBODY outside of his constituents. But to THEM he owes full faith and allegiance!

Here in Virginia, we have two senators who are duds by any measure. On the other hand, we also have Rob Wittman and Eric Cantor. It doesn't QUITE make up for our two dimbulb senators, but it's a start!

Rusty and Buddy send their love to Tiny!

Does anyone else have a cat who falls over on his side when he's being petted? It's the funniest thing. Rusty does it every time.

Tiny does that sometimes. She flops down, looks up at you and starts purring really loudly in anticipation. : )


Gayle Miller rocks...


so does the mighty SISSY AND SISU.

Mr. Brown's probably been misrepresented a little by the Herald, and we know many can play the game to undermine Republicans - Conservatives - Tea Party Protests, etc.

There are many manipulative forces out there, desperately trying to divide to save the disastrous Democratic Party.

The vivid attempt to run a fake "independent" in NJ, to distract - divide is a primary example.

Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party Protesters, Americans, etc., need to be a little tougher - less jumping to the very worst emotive conclusions.

Sissy, if I were represented by Senator Brown, I wouldn't worry too much about whether or not he shows up at a local rally, but how he votes in Washington. Being a conservative in New England, I understand the difference between a Wrentham Republican and one from Wasilla.

Don't you wonder what ever happened to plain, old common sense and lucid thought? [g]

Love the photos of Tiny and other cats!

Good grief, does no-one in the MSM understand Mass politics? Clearly not, and I sure wish they'd either take the time to figure out what "conservative" means in Mass politics or at least have the grace to keep their pie-holes shut!

{sigh} This whole style thing has cost me so many friends. Some actual, most unmet but friends nonetheless.

Kathleen Parker for one. I used to correspond with her. We both like Dr. Walker Percy's novels and philosophical musings. But her Palin rants. Good grief! Though I'd never met K. Parker I felt I liked her and her comments on Palin and, by extension, the untutored idiots who liked her, severed a connection I valued.

The same thing happened with Jane Smiley. I adored her Moo and Horse Heaven and even got through A Thousand Acres but when I read her writings on Slate comparing me to the rawer elements of the Redlegs in Bleeding Kansas because I voted for Bush that finished it. I felt the loss. Moo and Horse Heaven were Saki and Mark Twain, respectively, and to find a sparky talent like that was a real treat. Hooray hooray! Caloo callay!

And then? Nolanimrod: you're a piece of murdering trash!

Well, OK, then, Jane. I won't read your books. Sorry.

If I'm tooting a horn, here, at least it's not my own:

I never understood why conservatives could stick to the merits of a thing/argument/proposal while the whatever-they-are-styling-themselves-at-the-moment are questioning whether or not Sara Palin has a vagina and are calling me a bloodthirsty murderer by proxy. I do now. Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism is a little turgid and graduate-school dissertationish - don't let the smiley face fool you - but it will answer your puzzlement about why people you admired demonize you for simply having an opinion which has nothing to do with them.

However, and I shouldn't put this out, but I shall, I think Brooks is having us all on. Especially his editors who are paying him NYT wages to make fun of them. His piece on The Educated People was the clue for me.

Great blog, S. Not sure how I got here, but Fausta, I think. Ciao.

As I said, a loss.

I am reasonably certain that were I somehow on a podium with Sarah Palin, no one would notice me in the slightest.

Oh, wait. No one notices me now. Never mind. :)

Man, this was made for comments:

"I understand quite completely. I wouldn't want to share a podium with Sarah Palin for any number of reasons,"

What is the deal? Why do people, especially woman people, hate Sarah Palin? I wanted her for president. No matter who wins I imagine, after about a year, a number of people will wish she were.

Here I am. Back again.

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