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March 29, 2010


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The lines are drawn on the turf. Corrupt political organizations and their owned politicians vs the freedom loving citizens of the "The Shining City on a Hill", the country of the Tea Party, the USA.

We're currently goring their oxen and the blood is starting to sap their will and strength. I've always said we need to force George Soros to spend beyond his expectations - almost to the point of bankrupting him if necessary - in order to remove him as the evil genie behind such politicians as Obama. Here's the thing about millionaires and their money. They will spend a LOT to indulge their hobby horses, but there is a comfort level beyond which they will not go. We need to push him right up to that point in order to remove his deceitful teeth!

Bottom line - we are stronger than they are because our hearts are [kind of] pure! We don't do stupid stunts to garner attention - like ruining a book signing in Beverly Hills by Karl Rove. The Code Pink nutbars attempted their usual citizens-arrest-stunt! What a bunch of idiots. Of course, the MSM ignored it - but it has been picked up and the information is circulating.

These people are really, really, really hostile to free speech!

Lots of good reading today.

"Patriot Majority"? Coffee Party USA? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but can't these people come up with something original of their own instead of stealing, twisting, and turning truth into lie?

It's not surprising that the success of the TEA party movement has resulted in allegations of racism. When the leftists cannot win in the arena of ideas and rational thought, their first response is to resort to their old standby...the politics of personal destruction. Attempt to marginalize the message by vilifying the harbringer. November IS coming, people are starting to "wise up," and the Dems are getting desparate! I love it!

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