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March 14, 2010


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Hail to the common citizens who bear the freedom of our Shining City on their shoulders, not Hail to some chief.

King George III, 2.0? He left office in January 2009, idjits. Suspension of habeas corpus? King George III, Mark I, and Mark II. The parallels can go on and on, but I'll let you go to the library and do your own research. You might even read a book or two while you're there. (Good habit: highly recommended.)

If this is as clueless as your snark gets, you'd better get a spell-checker when you try to spell "NO."

Good lord.

We HAVE taxation WITH representation. If you haven't been involved in politics for the past, say 30 years or so, whose fault is that? Oh wait. This is more of that "We can't say the N-word, so we'll substitute something clever instead" stuff, isn't it?

And FYI: the first "tea party" was a protest more against "Wal-Mart" than anything about taxes. King George III gave the Dutch East India company a complete pass on taxes, allowing them to undersell everybody else, a royal "no bid contract" to his buds.

You know, a sort of 18th century Haliburton.

Looking forward to your "clever" response.

Dear Hart: Take a deep breath, get yourself a copy of the original Declaration of Independence and start copying it out longhand, speaking the words quietly as you go. This may clear your mind.

I probably have a far deeper understanding of the Declaration and its sources in Locke and Rosseau than thou, oh patronizing schmuck.

Why don't you try actually making an argument?

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