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March 25, 2010


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Are they like sex? Possibly. One thing is for sure, no one in a Tea Party is going to keep you from lighting a cigarette afterward.

But here's a real problem: The GOP gets all particular and fussy about a shining light like Sarah Palin, but the Socialist Party has absolutely no problem aligning themselves with a creature like Nancy Pelosi (or a complete idiot like Barbara Boxer.) They recognize leadership and power wherever it manifests. And loud denunciations from their pulpits, sprinkled with words like "racist!" never hurt their cause, either.

The GOP has always thought itself above populism, and at times that can be a good point of leadership in a crisis if your leaders are decent and principled. An obverse case in point: our current president cares not a whit for his former populism--its usefulness now expended-- and is leading his Media Corpse with great skill.

The way I see it, the GOP is too perfect by half. There's a LOT of dirt to be handled by those unaccustomed to fighting for Freedom, but if you're unwilling to dig a foxhole first, be prepared for whatever your enemy fires off at you. The High Ground is admirable. . . as a target.

TAX AND HATE indeed...

Same disastrous policies which wrecked NJ, CA, MI, LA, etc.

What a disaster.

Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, Hoyer, Reid, Boxer, etc., are the DNC TITANIC sinking us all.

Did you see this mess?

"U.S. Treasury bonds have lost their status as the world’s safest investment."

2010 and 2012 are essential.

I join in with the polite New Englanders who are now stirring their tea with a little more than sugar, cream and lemon.

As a Southerner and an Army Wife we were always instructed to keep our political opinions private.

The hell with that.

I'm not taking down my portieres to go beg, borrow and steal just to pay my taxes.

I refuse to let my country go without a fight.

Not being especially stupid, I will not give my enemy ammunition to shoot me down before I have begun to fight.

I agree with and applaud Laura Lee.

Well you know, "dissent is patriotic" only applies when the evil conservatives are in power. Mass demonstrations along the line of ANSWER/CodePink/United for Peace and Justice are all fine and good but the rightwingers are not allowed to hold protests. And liberals can challenge things in the courts forever and ever but once the liberals pass a law it's carved into stone and how dare anyone question it.

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