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March 09, 2010


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Puts don't ask, don't tell into a new light.

What's next, double-teaming White House thugs to administer political colonoscopies on D-rats' shrinking violets? Mayhap sponsoring soirees with Barney Frank in the Banana's deeply-hidden private sauna?

Does any dispassionate observer (sic) not wonder how much further this singularly feckless and stupid Administration has to fall-- where will these plug-uglies be a year from now? As Rasmussen polls -30+, our sad-sack polity may find itself without even the pretense of a functioning Executive.

He's so exciting when he's all soaped up and naked.

This story ought to get Mark Foley back into the game. Er, ah, I mean...to re-enter politics. Er, ah, I mean...

Speaking of Barney Frank - he's been quite silent for the past few days! Whassup homey?

How is this for a conspiracy this theory? Union employees from GM, the government-owned automaker, quit their jobs and go work for non-union Japanesse auto manufacturers so they can sabotage the cars and lead to huge recalls. Trust not those now in power, they will stop at nothing to rule.

Pretty darn funny...but...when did this happen? Were they sharing the soap and it was all ok until last week? Does this happen so often that they don't even think it's worth a mention until something REALLY bad happens? Nobody else in the Congressional gym noticed or cared? Roman bath. Our rulers are so lost. We need a total transformation of GOVERNMENT or we'll be living with soapy legislators to the end.

Quite the soap opera-- but when does the fat lady make her entrance and sing?

Bill Whittle has given me a new idea for an art project for my sixth graders. I just ordered new calligraphy pens and paper.

OBJECTIVE: The students will recover, evaluate, analyze and create an artwork by writing in longhand, with calligraphy pens, the Declaration of Independence.

I have a large copy of the Declaration hanging in a place of honor in my art room.

As always, when I click on sisu, there is something that brings tears of joy or posts that inspire me to think.

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