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March 22, 2010


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That's not Meade!!

Thanks, Sissy. Takes one to know one. :-)

And thanks, amba, Glenn, et al. You are my heros and my inspiration - my people.

Both Meade and David Rothwell are uber babes - but neither can hold a candle to Tuck and Goomp, nor my beautiful boys Buddy and Rusty, both of whom are handsome lads and frisky as well!

There are movements now to "Repeal the Bill". That's not enough. We need to "Repeal the President".

Had his pic been mixed up with a pic of Achmadinejad, it could've been said that "One person's Meade is another person's Persian".


We should have indictments, trials, and convictions. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and others come to mind. We need a Constitutional convention to reform and prevent future abuses not only to the commerce clause and general welfare clause, but also remove birthright citizenship for illegals—at least one parent should be an American citizen just like Switzerland and other countries, create term limits for senators and congressmen, and make all laws applying to citizens generally also apply to congress and congressmen, and remove the income tax and substitute the Fair Tax. If all the states that have moved to sue about Obamacare were to vote for a convention, we would have one.

The regime is betting that once we have a little of that entitlement crack we'll settle right down. Their party has been living off pushing for decades; it's all they know. They may be right, provided they can conjure up lots of jobs, and soon; and I don't mean for the 19,000 new IRS goons. Otherwise there are millions of Americans with ample time on their hands to brood upon matters touching the Republic.

Reading Meade's words was the first laugh of relief I've had all day.

Last night our lady Colubmia staggered out of the mud where she'd been thrown, then straightened her liberty hat and picked up her sword. As she regained her strength, she turned her vengeful face towards Washington and started forcefully walking that way.

We've only begun to fight.

Liberty Jane: Hoo Ah.
They'll wake up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat, seeing her. And, she's got those big, flat, bronze feet...

I wouldn't bet against her.

You do a great job. Thanks. I've long since added you to my blog roll.

Rich Vail

It's gonna take lots of focus on out part to undo this. We need to keep pointing out all the hidden agendas (bills, bureaus, and pet pork) hidden in this thing. And it's going to take a continuing education of the population as to why this is bad for them and it needs to be concise and explicit (not just ideological).
For the end game of electing enough replacements in Washington that the President's refusal to sign a repeal bill can be over-ruled.
Without a finely tuned focus we and our future are toast.

"We should have indictments, trials, and convictions. Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and others come to mind."

Don't forget Geithner...

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