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March 26, 2010


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Where, pray tell, is it written that we should just march in lock step and do whatever "our betters" as they like to think of themselves tell us to do. That's bullshit. This is America and I don't have to do whatever anyone tells me to do so long as I am mindful of possible consequences. These moronic twits wouldn't be holding high public office if it weren't for us and I think that's a situation easily changed, come this November. Let's see how much THEY enjoy unemployment. Are most of them even QUALIFIED to do anything else?

Well hell - we put them there and we can pull the rug out from under them.

I believe this is the critical year. If the collapsing dollar damages our economy so that we can understand the danger of government mandates on how we live then perhaps we can hope for change in November that will restore our abiliy to once again become the City on the Hill.

Excellent post, Sissy. I particularly enjoyed the "social networking-bunker." As for Scott Brown, I was cheering myself up when I couldn't sleep last night by reading some old posts from a-way back in January when all of the sudden people started realizing he could win, working to share his info, and then rejoicing when he won. It's do-able! Of course, remembering that election makes me even madder about the ramming through of the health care bill.

Snake Hunter sez,

Sissy - I caught your comment on Tom's Redhunter {post}. I do two to three hours of research every day; mostly on Islam's Predatory History of Bloodlust & Wars.

Also, we have some great Links.

I've just published "Continuum of Wars" on our website. If you enjoy it, you may use any part (or all of it) on your fine effort here.

Best wishes, reb

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