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March 12, 2010


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Apparently, ironic repartee is now to be considered as distastful as wishing people should die screaming of rectal cancer!

If Baird read Mr. Riehl's post, would it make him decide to stick to his "no" vote? Or might it anger him enough to make him flip?

Then he is as vapid and shallow as any other Congresscritter; not a serious man in touch with the ponderous responsibility of his office. He may as well be Obama. . . just another effin' politician.

To take my liberties: The time for "what if it offends" is over. It's time for Truth.

@Greg Koster...get a life. Thank you so much, Sissy, for your blog and your willingness to hear me out at such short "three word" length.

That's the thing about Conservatives. They want to win but they only want to win from the clouds above. It is often said that Second Place is First Loser, but in the Winner Take All Realm of American Electoral Politics Second Place is Total Loser.

Oh well, Conservatives mutter, at least we have our ideals!

@ Gregory Koster: Effect on votes ?

About the same as the little child who cried "The Emperor has no clothes !'

The Democrats are running scared, emotion overcame reason long ago, and politicians have no principles; If this lese majeste goes viral, it could swing a few votes, to 'NO'.

Dear Gregory,

I read the news today, oh boy!:

Four more Dems say no to Obamacare.

Just sayin'.

Donna B., I would suggest that if I were an Irish mother of that day, Swift's proposal would be blunt enough for my shock.

Nah, Dan Riehl's just kind of an asshole.

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