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March 24, 2010


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They hope flattery will create change in your thinking.

Good heavens! How on Earth did you get on THAT mailing list?

Obama the Spammer-in-Chief.

Yesterday, SEIU asked me to send a thank-you to my representative, Carol Shea-Porter-Pelosi. So I wrote about it.

She'll be getting her thank you on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010.


I put myself on THAT mailing list to keep an eye on what the "bad guys" were up to. ;)

Will you be joining us on Boston Common on the 14th?

Heheh....Like the ferociously mousing kitty getting a love letter from the rats in the cellar...

retriever: I'm savoring the image of myself as the ferociously mousing kitty going for the jugular of the rats in the cellar!

My first impulse on seeing that t-shirt was to grab the emesis basin. I imagine reading the email from that list must have a similar effect. Would for me.

I will console myself with the ferociously mousing kitty comment, a keeper. I know Sissy will be that.

What a joke.

Obambi claims his health care plan is a god-send. Meanwhile, it doesn't cover children with pre-existing conditions. By the terms set out by Democrats for the last year of this health care debate/debacle, Barry-Care is a failure.

If that isn't the audacity of chutzpuh, I don't know what is.

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