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March 20, 2010


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Try 25-30 missy!

Maybe from across the way it looked that way, but upon closer inspection and if you bothered to cross the street, what looked like a larger crowd was actually a bunch of tourists watching the step / dance group that preforms behind where the protest was staged at the end of fanieul hall.

When I was there at 2:30, prime time, there were only about 30 people tops. There was also one guy claiming the world was going to end in 2011. People were stopping and asking him wasn't it supposed to be 2012...

yeah, gonna comment again because the utter lie to you readers and lack of a full size picture just pisses me off.

Wheres the original missy? Why the sub-res picture in this day and age? What you hiding?

Ryan, you are clearly a site troll and - I might add - an ass!

Keep on making our voices heard, dear Sissy and Tuck - you're doing what I couldn't yesterday! Seems my fridge decided to go all deceased on me - I'm salvaging food to put on the freezer on the deck!

Still waiting for the MSM to show full size pics of the crowd in D.C. yesterday, oh Ryan Of the Umbrage, Lord Protector of Context and sometime Marshall of the Internets.

The sins of omission get short shrift in our ADD excuse of a Media.

I agree Joan, but is that not what blogs are for? To cut through the BS, not repeat the lies and misinformation?

Either way, was not trolling. Just wanted to call it as I saw it.

The group was very feisty and passionate, and was willing to talk, not shout at anyone. It was a good rally. But, it wasn't anywhere near 100 people, and the photo used is misleading.

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