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March 04, 2010


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Thanks for sharing the good word about a good guy challenging Carol Shea-Porter-Pelosi here in NH-1. What I like about Frank is that he said he would do certain things when he was running for mayor of Manchester (cut the budget, lower taxes, reduce crime) and when he got elected, he did them.

The fact that CSPP is going to Boston for a fundraiser with Pelosi pretty much says all I need to know about who she's working for.

Last summer, when she refused repeated requests for a town hall with constituents (except for a couple of telephone versions), Guinta stepped up and said he would host a town hall. Then she gave in and scheduled one in Manchester and one in Portsmouth. I visited the Portsmouth site and wrote about it here: Someone left less govt out in the rain.

Looks like Frank G is not the only Republican in the race. Portsmouth businessman Sean Mahoney, publisher of BusinessNH, may be running as well. (Also running: Bob Bestani, Rich Ashooh, Mike Castaldo and Peter Bearse, and they all poll ahead of Carol Shea-Porter-Pelosi!)

In the current issue of the magazine he publishes, BusinessNH, included in the Publisher's Note is a full-throated endorsement of the Tea Party movement. Mahoney appears to be setting himself up as the Tea Party candidate in the race.

I am sure I would prefer Mahoney to Shea-Porter, but I would not call him a Tea Party candidate. He is a Republican National Committeeman, attended no Tea Party events that I know of, is wealthy enough to self-fund, has run for other offices (I forget which ones - governor maybe, Congress, and he was considering a run for Gregg's Senate seat). He dropped out of at least one race before the vote (I have a friend who likes him and donated a substantial amount to his campaign... a week before he dropped out).

It's a crowded field and I look forward to learning more before the election. May the best man win!

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