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February 26, 2010


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Ah we appreciate electricity so very much more when we are deprived of it! Glad to see you're back up and running again. Well I remember last year's ice storm that took out our power for 3 days. The blackberry was my friend and it kept us in touch with the outside world... being connected is a wonderful thing.

Chuckled sympathetically reading this. Whenever such storms are forecast I charge up the Blackberry and Iphone and find the car chargers, so that I will not be cut off...Tho it's more the idea that is so awful. In reality, if it's a weekend, I light the candles and wrap in a heavy sheepskin throw and relish a calmer, quieter household. Up north, we have regular power cuts, so have fires, wood stoves, lamps, etc. Right now half the state is without power up there. We are fine here, tho.

Still no power here in coastal Maine. However, the generator we installed this summer has kept things going. I hope Eastern Propane gets here with more fuel. It is running out fast. We have just gotten the rr and the cable back but no power from Central Maine Power as yet.

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