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February 24, 2010


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Senator Brown's explanation on the Howie Carr Show sounds reasonable in the light of what is happening.

Did people actually think that Sen Brown was going to toe the hard-conservative line? The guy was known as a moderate from day one of his senate campaign. Amazing.

Hi Sissy,

I noticed in the Eugene Register Guard (2/25) that the Associated Press used your words from the Oliphant piece above pretty much verbatim and without attribution to Oliphant though they did use your name.

Maybe that's ok but given how pissy the AP is about their material I thought it was a bit weak.

I've been meaning to drop you a congratulatory note for all your work on the Brown campaign...time slips though.



Thanks for your wonderful, kind words. In my book attribution is the classy -- in fact the ONLY -- thing to do. Didn't realize AP had done that. Hmmm.

I hope all is well with you. I actually did a cat post today, maybe you can use in next week's Friday Ark?

Stolen moments

'Hope all is well with you.

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