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February 16, 2010


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"Run Away" seems like a Democrat battle cry.

After tax, spend, appease, lie, cheat, steal.

If only they were searching the mighty SISU for some answers, they might learn a few things.

Corruption has forced the retirement?
Utter rejection of the most vapid collectivist offering?
The mindless incompetence of the unethical Democratic Party in power?

Whatever was the reason, it is welcome to see, and we hope the rest of the Democratic Partisans do the same.

It would be nice for Pelosi to step down, Biden to do the same, Reid to exit the stage, Hillary to take a permanent vacation from Public Service (maybe spending a few years in prison), etc., etc.

Of course, wouldn't bring a joy to all Americans to hear Mr. Obama say, "In my first year, I made a complete disaster, with my amazing persona and trusty teleprompter, now it is time for CHANGE to call it day. YES, I CAN resign, and I HOPE you will forgive my embarrassing Administration for acting stupidly."

Nothing to see here . . . move along peasant.

"....are we entering crackpot territory to suggest that concerns about the viability of those twice-suppressed ethical questions may have figured in the Senator's decision to lie low for awhile until political winds shift?"

It seems to me that if you are able to question whether you are entering crackpot territory then the answer is a definite no, you are not.

Brooklyn do you realize that President Obama's resignation would mean that an incompetent ideologue president would be followed by an ignorant incoherent president. Talk about the devil and the deep blue sea. One thing you gotta say for Obama he knew what he was doing when he picked his running mate.

Smart move on The One's part, picking Joe "Insurance" Biden...

Susan Bayh sitting on the boards of several primarily medical corporations is not new news here in Indiana. The story never gets traction for several reasons.

It is easy for people who aren't from Indiana to think that Susan Bayh is some shadowy, behind the scenes figure raking in cash by capitalizing on her husbands position. But actually she is probably our most popular First Lady of all time.

She is a lawyer, and obviously given her experience (and connections) there are good
reasons why stock holders would want her on their board of directors, other than politcal kickbacks. At the same time many others of those in Congress have spouses who are making big bucks as lobbyists when they have no training or experience in the field.

I had been planning on campaigning hard against Bayh this election (as I did against his father), but Susan Bayh being on several corporate boards had nothing to do with it

HoosierHawk sounds like someone from the Bayh family, when have you ever heard of someone standing up for a politician or their wives unless related. You see a lot of this on the various websites where some malignant cancer on the body politic gets hosannahs rather than a tar and feathering. "...but Susan Bayh being on several corporate boards had nothing to do with it." Sure it didn't.

One other reason that this story never goes anywhere is that Bayh's image here in Indiana is as clean as can be. You can make the case that he is too liberal or whatever, but convincing Hoosiers that Bayh is corrupt would be a steep uphill climb.

It must be realized that when Bayh is in Indiana, he talks a good conservative line, but then he goes to Washington and votes the liberal party line. Hoosiers listened to his talk, and weren't really aware of his votes.

Once there were exactly 60 votes and important issues were being voted on, we could tell how Bayh was voting. The media reported on the few senators who were crossing over and determining the outcomes, it wasn't ever Bayh.

We heard him putting out the blue dog moderate democrat talking points, but every vote was with the Lib's. Bayh lost his "moderate" cover story and got flushed out into open. Hoosiers wanted the admin's agenda stopped and Bayh wasn't doing it.

"Caesar's wife must be above suspicion." :)

Ron Norman writes "HoosierHawk sounds like someone from the Bayh family, when have you ever heard of someone standing up for a politician or their wives unless related."

HoosierHawk is a Palin supporting Tea Partier. It's just that trying to scare up a scandal concerning Susan Bayh earning a living that she is very qualified for demeans the situation.

Bayh doesn't stand for what Hoosiers want, and in the current climate, he can't hide it anymore. I think that he was going to have a very difficult time getting reelected. There is nothing worse for a red state dem than having an incompetent liberal in the White House.

Birch Bayh (Evan's Dad) lost his senate seat to Dan Quayle because of Carter. The Bayhs probably vote Republican for President

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