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February 09, 2010


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I just cut up my Master Card. I hope the Visa people are not as subservient to the men who grovel before their betters syndrome.

I have to say that the commercials were a dismal lot this year. I didn't see the Mastercard commercial. Did see the Audi commercial. In regard to the Audi Green Police commercial I think I had a different take on it than anyone else I see on the blogs.

My son was stationed in Germany during the entire enlistment when he was not deployed. He disliked it very much in that they have so many crazy environmental rules over there - special permits to wash your car? Oh yeah. (the touristy stuff was okay but it was a PITA to live there)

I know those rules have hurt the German car companies. It made me wonder if this was Audi's way of taking a dig at those who are so far over the top they'd turn the world into a police state...

It might even be a good way to goad people into being less complacent over all the environmentalist whackos. After all - they did have some very over the top police searches going on - this rubs Americans the wrong way just by virtue of us being Americans.

Soooo... a little reverse psychology? Maybe. Or perhaps not.

There wasn't one decent commercial shown, except perhaps the Tebow commercial! Go figure.

Still snowed in here in Virginia. The idiots in D.C. haven't figured out yet how to get rid of the snow!

I would think that's the one thing our president might have clue about - coming from Chicago! He's such a fraud.

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